Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New (?) symptom and general updatery

Today, I've been having problems with my left foot. It keeps hurting the way my hands sometimes do, except that it's been a shooting pain while walking or leaving my foot in a specific position (apparently). I've also generally been having problems with my feet hurting when I move them into weird or different positions, usually involving something that should merely be a stretch. For example, I sort of spun on the front of my right foot in order to turn around, and suddenly there was pain through my big toe and area around it. I don't really know what's causing this, or why it's happening now.

In other news:
  • I had a voice lesson today. Made it through all 50 minutes without too much pain, and then realized when I left that my knees were really objecting to standing up for that long. I ended up taking the medical van to and from my last class.
  • My sleep pattern has evened out again. I'm no longer having a hard time waking up, although I really wish I had been able to sleep a little longer this morning. However, someone in the neighborhood using what sounded like a heavy, continuous machine caused those plans to change. Constant droning noise that just grated on my nerves.
  • Pain levels are relatively under control, all things considered. I only experienced mild discomfort in my last class, and that was mostly in the last 20 minutes or so of the 80 minute lecture.
  • I'm doing better mentally, but am also kind of dreading the weekend. We'll see what happens then.
That's all for now. I think I'll try to update at least twice weekly, despite the frequency of posts so far.

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  1. I'll be around this weekend, so worst comes to worst, we'll get you through it again. :)