Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Break

Well, I'm more or less on Fall Break, the first of two my uni has (the other being over US Thanksgiving). I have a four day weekend in which to rest and catch up on work. This morning I had my first midterm, in Hebrew, and I think I actually managed to do well on it. I had a lot of vocabulary I had to learn fairly last minute, but the biggest problem was really spelling the words. However, the test didn't ask me to write a lot of words but had things like lists in which to cross out the word that doesn't fit, verb conjugations, fill-in-the-pronoun or preposition, and answering questions. This as opposed to the quizzes which are on the vocab and require being able to spell, which was made harder as soon as we learned the last 10 letters, several of which have similar sounds or functions to the first 12 letters (there are two 't' letters, for example).

At any rate, that's over, and I'm glad for the break in work. I have a lot to catch up on, but I now have the time to do it in, so I should be okay, and I should still be able to get the rest I need for my body to continue healing.

I only have two minor physical annoyances right now: a mouth sore on the inside of my cheek, and a wart that's been treated on my right middle finger. My hip and knee hurt a little, but as long as I pace myself, I do fine.

On the other hand, I received a letter from my health insurance today saying they won't process my claim for physical therapy until I fill out the form they sent, asking how I was injured, etc etc. Except, I already filled out a claims form in which I explicitly stated that it wasn't an accident or injury, but probably a result of a chronic pain condition they should already know about. *facepalm* The woman at the health center who deals with these kinds of things for students is on vacation until Tuesday, so I'll go talk to her next week as soon as I have time. Bleh. I hate insurance processes. I still don't have any paperwork from them saying they processed my claim for seeing a cardiologist last month, either (it's something minor and common, and unrelated to anything but stress, they think; my heart is fine).

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