Monday, October 10, 2011


I took the amitriptylene at 10pm last night, and set my alarm for 8:15 (didn't go to bed until after midnight). The first couple of times my alarm went off, I felt like I was moving through cotton to get out of bed and hit snooze. It took 25 minutes or so (it's a cell phone alarm that goes off every five minutes), but I finally stopped feeling like that after the third or fourth iteration. I even managed to get up in time to take a shower and such before leaving for class.

And also my mouth felt disgusting. Needed water, I guess.

I have to be at a physical therapy appointment at 8:15am tomorrow. This is going to be interesting.

On the bright side, I feel much less pain than I did half a week ago.


  1. I'm glad that it's helping with the pain at least. I hope you were able to get to your appointment today okay.

    My old roommate was a total morning person and amitriptylene knocked her out too. (It knocked me out, but I look at a bottle of children's tylenol and sleep for the next 10 hours.)

    It must be hard with Sjogren's since so many medicines you'd use to treat the pain cause dry mouth (but I think you said you don't have dry mouth as a symptom?).

    I don't know if you have experienced enough dry mouth from meds to need any of the fake spit (that's what I call it, 'cause I'm mature about my condition). They seriously need to work on making that stuff less conspicuous. I prefer the gel from the dentist, but it's always in a big tube with pictures of fruit on it. It screams "look at me! I've got a tube of mouth lube!"

    Take care. :)

  2. It screams "look at me! I've got a tube of mouth lube!" That made me giggle.

    I wasn't expecting the medicine to knock me out for so long when it's the lowest dose possible to prescribe. And no, I don't generally have dry mouth, although my mother made me buy a biotene (sp?) mouth wash that I then left with her because she needed it more than I do. That was actually the best tasting mouthwash I've ever used (I am not a fan of strong mint or faux mint taste). It just had a weird viscosity to it.