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About me:

My name is Shauna. I am a third-year university student in the northeastern part of the United States. I'm majoring in Music and Jewish and Israel Studies, though I have no idea what kind of career I'll end up in. Everything is uncertain, at the moment.

I'm an interdisciplinary artist, and have made forays into writing, dance, photography, and music.  I am a staff photographer for my university newspaper, something I only started in my junior year and am greatly enjoying. (It gives me a great excuse to practice my people-as-subject photography without feeling like a creep, and also gives me a lot of subjects I wouldn't otherwise think of examining.) I have been a musician for far longer. I remember music classes in elementary school, and started on concert instruments in fourth grade. At the time, I played clarinet. After moving to another state, in which band instruction started two years later, I switched to flute. I've played various other instruments, including euphonium, oboe, piccolo, and piano, but the ones I have stuck with are flute and voice. As far as writing, I consider myself an amateur, and somewhere in the intermediate range for experience. I do a lot more reading and editing than I do writing. I love picking apart writing and helping put it back together again in a better form. My music education has gotten to point where I'm starting to do the same thing to music I hear. And last but not least, dance: I have various levels of experience in different kinds of dance. I went through Modern Dance 1 and an improv dance class with the same professor, a six-week contemporary dance class during the summer, an informal and low key belly-dancing class, and probably a few things I've forgotten. But I love dance, I love movement, and would love to do a lot more of it. Alas, I don't have time to devote to electives for the remainder of my time as an undergraduate.

About this blog:

This blog is primarily a place to discuss Sjogren's syndrome and living with disability, and to track my symptoms as they progress. Don't know what Sjogren's syndrome is? Check out the tab for it at the top of the page. [Note: Page not currently linked as I am still in the process of writing it.]

As I get to know my audience better, and figure out what this whole public blogging thing is all about, I will likely be posting musings and thoughts on current events and topics related to disability. Also likely to show up: Bits and pieces of projects as I work on them, including photos, which are the easiest thing for me to share.

How to contact me:

Questions? Comments? You can reach me at rosemaryxrue (at) gmail. Please be aware that as this is a fairly new email address for me, I often forget to check it, so there may be a delay in responses.