Sunday, October 9, 2011

New medicine

I started a new medicine Friday night: amitriptylene 10mg. The doctor said within a couple of weeks it should start to control the pain. For now, I'm taking it right before I go to sleep, which seems to not be the best decision when I go to bed at 1am because I'm up talking to a friend in a different time zone, or watching Buffy until 2am because one of my housemates hosts social gatherings on Friday nights and I can hear it loud and clear. I've had a really hard time getting up the past two mornings. Now, granted, I messed up my sleeping pattern a bit last week, and slept really badly Thursday night (and took a nap Friday afternoon). However, my usual pattern is waking up between 8 and 9 whether or not I have class or it's a weekend, so it's unusual for me to reset my clock to 10am and still not be able to get up.

I think I'll start taking the meds between 10 and 11pm and see how that goes. It's not like I function well enough to do homework by that point, anyways. (I'm very much a morning and day person. At night, my concentration ability drops rapidly.) I want my mornings back.

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