Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I was/I am/I will be

There's an art class on my campus building interactive art pieces and displaying them for short periods of time around campus. Today I ran into one with three sides, which read "What I am" "What I will be" and "What I was".

I felt very defiant when I wrote "I am a woman" on one side. I tried to figure out how to convey my contempt for current politics and social climates, but couldn't think of a short phrase until after I walked away. I could have finished with "not a uterus".

I also wrote "I will be valued" and "I was unaware".

That about sums up some of the things that go through my mind on a regular basis, particularly when thinking about "home."

It now occurs to me that the only category I put a noun in was the present tense one. Interesting, that.

What about you? What would you have written?

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