Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dreams of Chaos

I just had the most fascinating dream. It had a plot an everything. I and whoever I was with ended up going to the Chaos lands where everything was upside down and topsy turvy. I recall telling a man I was with, whom I didn't like, "Dear Aunt, I love you." the instant we crossed instead of what I meant to say. This phrase popped up earlier, too, as foreshadowing (see what it did there? XD) . The logic of the place was strange, in that "things won't operate the way they used to. The logic might be based on the root of the root of four (i.e. √2)". And we went there, and got out, and everything there was hot and made me hungry and thirsty, so I ate something a magical guide offered after he cooled off a place for my hand to rest when I was overheated. And then someone else said zie didn't eat there because every time zie did, he lost some of his life and transformed into a small person briefly (which evidently 'costs' in terms of years taken off at the end) (also by 'small person' I mean Alice-in-Wonderland Eat-me small). We got back, but one of the women was sad to see some people we had met in Chaos, stay in Chaos, and she wanted to go back.

It was an incredible dream. I wish I could recall all the places we went, everything that happened that made it Chaos. Sadly, it's slipping away even as I type...

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