Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick Update

If you read either of the last two entries, you know that I did a lot of driving last week to get myself and my brother to my mom's house for Thanksgiving (US). I did have time to sufficiently recover before driving back to school yesterday.

But yesterday's drive set me back again. I was doing pretty well; I didn't need more than one stop to stretch, at which point I also refilled my tank. (Seriously, I've spent >$65 on gas in the last week, first to fill, then to get back to full after driving extra and then letting someone borrow my car. *sigh* I technically could have waited to refill my tank, but didn't anticipate prices being any better a week before Christmas than they are now. And I could have bought a new pair of shoes with that money.) The bad part of the driving came when I hit Hartford and there was stop-and-go traffic for I think more than a mile to get onto I-91, and then I-91 was backed up for another mile, so I spent at least half an hour longer on the road than usual, and all of that was for a kind of driving that really messes up my hip and knee. On a Sunday afternoon, which I thought would mean light traffic, but Thanksgiving, go figure. I actually resorted to two-footed driving for the stop-and-go, or my right leg would be a LOT worse today. As it is, I took the medical van once to get to the other end of campus for class.

Anywho, my leg isn't in agony today, which is a miracle in itself, but it also isn't working as well as it does when I haven't been driving a lot. It'll get better. I'll just nurse it for a few days. And no one here gets mad at me when I can't do stuff!

OTOH, my wrists are in a flare-up. Basically the symptom I have is that things feel "tight" as opposed to extremely painful all the time. I need to find effective massage techniques or exercises for those kinds of pains. It's not bad enough to impede my typing, but I kept massaging my right wrist while taking notes in class today. I think I ended up with four or five handwritten pages--no wonder it hurt! And this is starting the last three or so weeks of class and finals, which means, lots of papers to finish the semester. But it's almost over!

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