Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Post"-blackout pain

Well, I woke up this morning with my hip and knee both hurting, and my day hasn't improved significantly since then. I was okay with walking to class until I picked up my backpack (which really didn't have *that* much weight to it) and realized that I was very not okay walking to class. I called the medical van, and just barely made it to class on time. During class I started feeling nauseated enough that the scents from the guys on either side of me were making me feel worse. I walked to lunch after class, forced enough down that I knew I could at least take my meds, and then walked to the health center. I had to go around an enormous tree branch that was in the middle of the path to the health center. I'm surprised they haven't gotten to that one yet, because it's in the center of the CFA, as opposed to on, say Washington Street where I'm pretty sure the sidewalks are completely impassable.

At the health center, I was a walk-in, so I saw a nurse I've never met before. By the time she saw me, the nausea was mostly gone, and she also told me that my sinus pressure isn't yet an infection and declined to give me anything for it because "you're already on a lot of meds." I think I understand a little why a lot of people tell me to exaggerate whatever is wrong with me at the health center; the people who know me take me seriously when I say that I feel like something is wrong, but this woman simply told me what additional things to watch out for (basically, mucus either increased or changed color) and sent me away. To be fair, my symptoms are fairly mild, but when I actually come into the health center for sinus problems, it's usually because it's more than the usual sniffles I get. I don't have a stuffy nose, but I have occasional pain in my jaw, cheeks, and behind my eyes. Gah.

All that, and I didn't ask her to address my increased hip and knee pain today, because I was already taking medicine for it and there wasn't much more I could do. I did end up taking the medical van again after my last class, and then to and from dinner (which is a first, but the dining hall is farther away from where I'm currently staying than it is from my actual residence which still has no power, and bleh, I hurt more). I did end up sending an email tonight to all my professors, the doctor who's been dealing with my latest round of mobility issues, two deans, and my psychologist. Hopefully that'll at least alert folks that something is wrong and they need to be patient with me.

All this and I just feel like I want to whine about going home because I can't, yet. Go home, I mean. Stupid blackout.

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  1. Sinus stuff is miserable. I hope you get some relief from that soon.

    I'm continuing to cross fingers that you get power back and you can get back to your normal routine soon.