Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I have nothing pretty or thoughtful to say today.

I drove home after class yesterday in order to miss the day-before-Thanksgiving traffic. Had two different people try to get rides from me and I ultimately said no to both of them. One was a housemate, and I wish I could have gotten her to the airport, but my anxiety kicked in with a vengeance when I realized it would take me beyond where I usually go, and then driving directions from the airport were sending me up roads in Western MA instead of Central/Eastern, which is the way I usually go, and I had NO knowledge of the other roads or where things like rest stops and gas stations were. Equally, I really didn't need the extra driving time if I backtracked.

The other person was my brother. He wanted a ride after I made it to Mass, so that he could get here yesterday. He called first thing in the morning, and I told him no because I knew I would be ouchy after two plus hours driving. I wasn't wrong. And I ended up driving him this afternoon, instead. And on the way back we hit stop-and-go traffic because of lights (cops and I think construction) that were right off of the connection between I-190 and Rt. 2, so it was backed up several exits back, but cleared up as soon as we passed that.

I had my brother make me a grilled cheese for dinner because I really couldn't stand up long enough to make it. My right knee, my hips, and my lower back all hurt. Well, the lower back is very tense, which I'm only peripherally noticing until I try to stand up for more than two seconds.

I can't drive him back. I'm glad I have a couple days to recover before I drive to school on Sunday, because I lost a lot of spoons thanks to two fairly long drives in two days.

At least the nap I took when I got home cleared up my fatigue? I think if I had tried to stay awake any longer, I would have gotten brain-fogged, too.

ETA: The nap didn't help as much as I thought it did. I was getting tired again within an hour or two of writing this post...and I've taken amitriptylene in the hopes pain levels will go down, even if it was also time to take it again.

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