Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feeling Better

This morning I woke up without my hip killing me for the first time in about a week. I'm not entirely sure why that is, since I drove the nearly two hours to a friend's house in Massachusetts yesterday. Of course, I used cruise control for I-84, which is about 35 miles during which I have nothing better to do because it's one highway at one speed.

The cruise control actually helped a lot, and I think getting off campus may have done the rest. I was seeing far more of my friends than I wanted to and was getting extremely anxious and crowded in a tiny room shared with another person. Power still has not come on for parts of campus. There's now heat and power in my own dorm, but I think it's because they hooked it up to a generator, as opposed to the problem being fixed. I was incredibly anxious once they evacuated my building and told us that it would be at least into next week (as in: this coming week) before we would be allowed to live there again. At any rate, I was not happy staying where I was and needed a break, so I left campus. I was also not happy about this being Homecoming/Family weekend, which brings a lot of extra people to campus.

However, yesterday I took a shower in the athletic center locker rooms, which somehow released a lot of the anxiety that was making my chest and other things feel weird. Then I drove to Massachusetts, and felt even better, and took some extra pain killers last night (and the amitriptylene I had forgotten the night before (that is, regular dose, not a double dose)) and conked out.

This morning, I woke up relatively pain-free, which is awesome. Also, if it's a side-effect of sleeping on an air-mattress, then I need to get me one at some point.

I suspect it's a result of stress-relief, though.

Also, note: I have been reading comments, I just haven't had the energy to respond. Thank you for them though!

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