Friday, January 13, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things

Yesterday over at Shakesville the question was asked, "What is your favorite thing about yourself?"

Reading through the thread of responses is awesome. I actually gave two responses. The first was something I took some time to think of: I love my ability with animals and children; most animals and many children take to me pretty much instantly upon meeting me, and as a result I've made a great many four-legged (and young two-legged) friends. The second was a response to someone else declaring that it was okay to love it (as a woman*): I love my intelligence and the many different things it allows me to do.

And here, because I'm still thinking about it: I love my artistry and that I've tried many different arts and enjoyed most or all of them. I love the musical mindset my major has strengthened, I love the way I dance, and I love my photography and writing. And I love my voice and other musical abilities.

*Because smart women tend to face hostility from men, at least from my experiences.

What about you? What is/are your favorite thing or things about yourself? And just as on Shakesville, this can be anything from a physical descriptor to a personality trait, to a skill, to anything else you can think of.

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  1. Hrm, having a while to have thought upon it, I think it would be my ability to help others, through laughter, listening, or what have you. Making others feel better.